A diverse storybook that teaches kids about boba, taro and tapioca

Published in 2020, as seen on Kickstarter

As featured on Ainara's Bookshelf readalong

What parents and teachers are saying...

"Equally valuable for children and BIG kids, this book opens up wonderful discussions about the importance of how we approach cultural differences."

Mario Agresti, third grade teacher (Toronto, ON)

"Let’s Get Boba! is my daughter’s go-to bedtime story. It shows her part of the world she sees every day. The story is sweet but with enough to chew on to keep her coming back...just like bubble tea itself."

Josh, parent (Toronto, ON)

"My toddler daughter absolutely loves this book as she recently fell in love with boba. Her mom introduced it to her and it's something special they share."

Parent (Sunnyvale, CA)

"The details around taro and boba were differentiating. I'm excited to share this book with my family to familiarize them with ideas and foods they wouldn't encounter in everyday life."

Parent (Martinez, CA)

"It is so important for kids to see themselves in books and this book will do that for many children!"

Mario Agresti, third grade teacher (Toronto, ON)